Training Programs


All of these programs are offered in 2-hour, half-day or longer formats.  Chalmers Brothers will work with you to tailor programs to address your most important priorities while remaining within your timeframe guidelines.

All of these programs are highly-interactive.  The large-group, small-group and pairs activities give participants opportunities to share and learn with, from and through each other.  All sessions include real-life examples that provide practical “take-aways” and “how-to’s” for everyone.  This enables the learning to be applied immediately upon returning to the workplace.

All of these programs are based on key principles and frameworks from “Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence” (2015) by Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar, and “Language and the Pursuit of Happiness” (2005) by Chalmers Brothers.  These books are part of the curriculum of numerous leadership, coaching and team development programs around the country, including those at Georgetown University, George Mason University, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the Newfield Network and many others.

Program Titles

1. Foundations of Leadership Excellence
2. Foundations of Teamwork Excellence
3. Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Accountability
4. Leveraging the Power of Diversity to Achieve Extraordinary Results
5. Leading in Times of Change and Uncertainty
6. Emotional / Social Intelligence and Trust-Building
7. “Difficult” Conversations Done Well
8. Dealing With Adaptive Challenges and Organizational Paradoxes
9. Building Healthy, Mutually-Productive Relationships
10. Creating and Sustaining Work / Life Balance
11. Productive Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving
12. Listening vs. Hearing:  And Why Understanding the Difference Matters
13. Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

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