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Creating and Sustaining Work / Life Balance

Program Description

One of the recurring themes for busy professionals is the challenge of maintaining a healthy balance in our lives.  This interactive workshop by Chalmers Brothers provides a helpful framework, as well as practical tools and practices for creating and sustaining such a balance among the key “permanent” domains of our lives:

Participants will complete a self-assessment in which their satisfaction within each domain is charted, and discuss practical strategies for creating meaningful shifts and improvements where desired.  The generative power of language and conversations is front and center, as participants learn to identify and “declare breakdowns” and enroll others in a process of healthy accountability – all designed to bring about a healthy balance of both peacefulness and productivity in our professional and personal lives.

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will clarify for themselves – possibly for the first time – their current levels of satisfaction among 10 key domains of life.  This new understanding and clarity serves as the starting point for purposeful, conscious and collaborative design within and among these domains.  Participants engage in productive conversations in which boundaries are explored, historical patterns are examined and desired future results are declared.  New tools are provided which enable participants to enroll others as “accountability partners” as they design new priorities and meaningful improvements in their professional and personal lives.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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