What I Do

My clients are senior executives and companies who have “hit the wall.” They are struggling to stay relevant, or to successfully implement needed changes. They are challenged to deal with disengaged employees or are unable to break old patterns of ineffective communication and behavior. And all of this is sabotaging their bottom line. Working with CEOs and leadership teams, I help them address and find solutions to their pressing issues.

I help them see themselves, their teams and their organizational dynamics in a fundamentally new – and incredibly powerful – way. As a leadership development, communication and emotional intelligence expert, I connect with and work with leaders and managers at all levels. Together, we develop new possibilities … new actions … new results. Bottom line? We improve the bottom line.

Using my nearly 30 years of leadership development, change management and executive coaching experience, I begin the process with an initial assessment. This provides a clear understanding of what’s “working” and “not working,” establishing a foundation for setting goals and addressing specific business challenges.

In one case, my client TEOCO Corporation, a global software development company, did realize that their development and operations people were technically and functionally competent at a high level. However, those groups and essentially the company also found out that they could immensely benefit by improving compartmentalized and overall communication, embracing “emotional intelligence,” and applying relationship-building skills.

The game plan was for me to work with them to create and implement a customized leadership training program for 83 of their high-potential leaders, directors, and managers. The focus was squarely on improving conversational, relational and emotional competencies. In the end, they all now engage in more effective conversations, leading to stronger relationships and healthier, more productive collaboration – both in their professional and personal lives.

I also work with leaders on projects specifically focused on employee engagement, effective teamwork, and building stronger supervisor-employee relationships. In every case, I help create and execute a customized leadership/employee training approach to address the issues. I coach CEOs and senior leaders on how to make effective – and long-term – culture change within their organization.

The attention to detail pays off. For example, REI Systems had 78 of their senior and mid-level leaders participate in a customized SOAR Training Program. Shyam Salona, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, had this to say about the year-long program: “The results have been outstanding… improved self-awareness, more effective communication, better teamwork and higher levels of emotional intelligence are among the results we have achieved. I highly recommend this awesome program!”

So, if you are serious about taking your company to the next level, or need help to take on an entirely new challenge or direction, let’s talk today.

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