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Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Accountability

Program Description

Based on the same powerful foundation as that provided in Foundations of Leadership Excellence and Foundations of Teamwork Excellence programs, this session takes participants deeper into the nuts and bolts of creating – and sustaining – what is known as a culture of commitment or a culture of accountability.

Chalmers introduces key “language acts” that play an integral role in enabling leaders at all levels to dramatically improve execution, teamwork, collaborative action and accountability.  They also provide opportunities for practice, feedback, self-reflection and conversation with peers regarding real-world drivers of these changes within organizations. Five “core competencies” are required for organizational success today:  Functional, Technical, Conversational, Relational and Emotional.  Here, Chalmers provides a new framework and a new set of tools that support participants in making dramatic improvements in their Conversational, Relational and Emotional competencies, as it is precisely in these domains that the changes needed to improve accountability are based.  Key topics include:

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will acquire a powerful new framework for understanding how organizations actually produce and sustain healthy accountability, as well as new, practical tools for dramatically improving collaboration and accountability.  All participants will be able to clearly understand and identify the sources of both poor performance and improved effectiveness.  Hands-on practice during the session will enable participants to immediately begin using new tools to improve clarity, productivity and accountability – as well as to sustain healthy and mutually-beneficial workplace relationships.

The large-group, small-group and pairs activities give participants opportunities to share and learn with, from and through each other.  All sessions are full of humor and real-life examples that provide practical “take-aways” and “how-to’s” for everyone.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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