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“Difficult” Conversations Done Well

Program Description

Have you ever avoided “difficult” or “challenging” conversations?  Have you ever worked in an organization in which “difficult” or “challenging” conversations were constantly avoided and simply never took place?  Or if they were conducted, they were done so poorly that negative results on relationships, productivity, teamwork and culture were immediate and obvious?

This interactive program draws on key principles from Foundations of Leadership Excellence and Emotional / Social Intelligence and Trust-Building programs and dives deeper into the most common “difficult” conversations within our organizations, why they tend to be seen as difficult, and the predictable outcomes created when we have these well, have them poorly, or avoid them altogether.  Participants will:

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will share with each other their real-life experiences in the areas of difficult or challenging conversations, and learn new distinctions and tools that will enable them to much more effectively convene and conduct these important conversations.  The number of important conversations which have historically been “missing” or avoided will decrease dramatically.  Participants will acquire a new clarity about the importance of these conversations for effective leadership, relationship-building, productivity and talent development.  They will have an opportunity to practice these conversations, as well as to obtain feedback from peers related to the effectiveness of the conversation and strategies for ongoing improvement of this fundamental conversational competency.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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