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Emotional / Social Intelligence and Trust-Building

Program Description

For leadership, teamwork and organization success today, it’s clear that these five competencies are fundamentally important – no matter your particular industry or organizational goals:

It is also increasingly clear that functional and technical competencies have become the “cost of admission” for simply surviving in any given industry.  In order to thrive and achieve sustained excellence in today’s diverse organizations and ever-changing business environments, what’s also needed is strength in what has become understood as Emotional Intelligence; that is, developing conversational, relational and emotional competencies.

This interactive program “de-mystifies” moods and emotions and provides practical new distinctions and tools that enable meaningful improvements in:

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will learn new ways of understanding and distinguishing moods, emotions and feelings; and in doing so, deepen their levels of self-awareness regarding their own emotional states and patterns.  This serves as the starting point for improved self-responsibility and opens a pathway for “designing” and managing their own moods.  Participants will also learn a powerful, practical new way of understanding trust, moving it from the “ethical” to the “operational” domain.  These new distinctions, coupled with a generative understanding of language and conversations, enable participants to open new avenues for dramatically improving individual emotional well-being, the quality of important relationships, and the overall culture or work environment of the organization.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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