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Foundations of Leadership Excellence

Program Description

This interactive session is designed to introduce leaders and managers to an entirely new way of understanding the actual actions required for successful leadership and the actual drivers of workplace performance – especially in times of seemingly endless change.

It begins by providing a new framework for understanding leadership and relationship effectiveness that is so close, we often miss it.   This new “paradigm” enables participants to literally see themselves, their actions and their interactions with new eyes – opening unprecedented possibilities for improvement.  

Chalmers offers that leadership and management are primarily "conversational competencies" - that is, the actions taken by leaders and managers are actions taken in language. Effectiveness requires competency in certain conversations, in designing and convening conversations that matter. While this may at first seem obvious, this session explores in an eye-opening new direction, opening up new ways of understanding workplace culture, employee engagement and collaborative execution. Key topics covered include:

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will learn how to literally see themselves and their actions in a new and powerful way. This new perspective is the basis for enabling all participants to clearly understand and identify the sources of both poor performance as well as improved effectiveness. Participants will be able to immediately begin using new tools provided in the workshop to improve clarity, leadership effectiveness, workplace communication, collaboration,  execution, culture and commitment to shared goals - within virtually every aspect of their organization. They will also be able to immediately apply this shift in understanding and new tools to improve their own individual effectiveness, as well as their professional and personal relationships.

The large-group, small-group and pairs activities give participants opportunities to share and learn with, from and through each other.  All sessions are full of humor and real-life examples that provide practical “take-aways” and “how-to’s” for everyone.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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