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Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively

Program Description

The ability to provide constructive guidance and feedback to colleagues – and to do so in such a way that new behaviors and actions are brought about AND the relationships are strengthened – is a critical skill for leaders and managers at all levels.  In addition, the way leaders and managers receive guidance and feedback provided to them has a dramatic impact on their ability to learn, adapt and grow – as well as on their public identities.

The way these performance management conversations are handled directly impacts organizational performance and adaptability, workplace culture or “mood”, as well as levels of employee engagement and retention.  Performance management processes vary widely from organization to organization, but in all cases we are dealing with the ability to constructively convene conversations in which:

This workshop provides new distinctions related how these conversations may be most effectively performed, and introduces participants to structured models proven to improve the clarity and impact of all types of feedback conversations.

Value to Participants and Organizations

Participants will acquire a powerful new framework for preparing and convening important performance management / feedback conversations:  SBIR, which stands for Situation, Behavior, Impact and Request.  They will have the opportunity to practice giving and receiving both “positive” and “constructive” feedback in the workshop, and will obtain direct feedback about their performance from peers.  Participants will strengthen their ability to purposefully create a productive context for what may have historically been difficult or challenging conversations.  They will improve their ability to organize their thoughts and prepare for these conversations ahead of time, including physical preparation, emotional preparation and cognitive (content) preparation.

Available in 2-hour, half-day or longer versions

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